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The goal of St. Joseph Catholic School’s Athletic Department is to teach students good sportsmanship, character, and hot to compete and play organized sports in a Christian manner while having fun.

The athletic program at St. Joseph Catholic School is an integral part of the school’s educational program. Athletic competition provides students with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences which benefit not only the student-athlete, but the school and community as well. Participants have an opportunity to acquire qualities of total fitness, self-discipline, and loyalty.

Participation in the athletic program is a privilege granted students in return are compliant with eligibility requirements and sportsmanship expectations.

St. Joseph student-athletes must represent the school at the highest of standards. In return, student-athletes will:

  1. Learn teamwork
  2. Be successful
  3. Display good sportsmanship
  4. Continue to improve on the playing field
  5. Enjoy athletics

2016-2017 MS Girls Basketball Schedule
2016-2017 MS Boys Basketball Schedule

Sports Offered:

St. Joseph Catholic School currently offers the following sports:


  • Boys and Girls Basketball (3rd through 5th Grade)
  • Cheerleading (3rd through 5th Grade)
  • Soccer through the YMCA Program (Pre-school through 5th Grade)
  • Girls on the Run (3rd through 5th Grade)

Middle School:

  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball (Girls)