Tuition and Financial Aid

tuition image for 2017-2018

Nursery & Pre-School Program

(Tuition subsidy will be provided to students who reside in West Virginia through Cabell County’s Universal Pre-K4 Program)

Nursery $220/week


Pre-School Program: # of Days
2 Days

# of Days
3 Days

# of Days
5 Days
Pre-K 2  $3,790 $4,600 $5,760
Pre-K 3 $4,470 $5,628
Pre-K 4 $5,628
 Lunch Fee $370 $550 $890
Educational Resource Fee $130 $140 $150



 Kindergarten through 8th Grade Program:          
(in Parish)
(out of parish)
1st Child  $4,645   $5,365   $7,180
2nd Child  $4,025   $5,160   $6,940
3rd Child  $3,800   $5,160   $6,940


Educational Resources & Books
(Kindergarten through 8th Grade):

 Grade K-2nd Grade 3rd-5th Grade 6th-8th Grade
  $650 $695


Additional Fees:

Technology Fee $200 per family (K-8th)
Insurance Fee $30 per child
PTO Fee $25 per family
Processing Fee $40 per family
Registration Fee $150 prior to March 17th
$250 after March 17th
per family

Financial Aid is available to both Catholic and non-Catholic students through Diocesan, Parish and School funding.

To apply for Financial Aid:

Step 1: All applicants (Catholics and non-Catholics) MUST apply online for Financial Aid with FACTS online
Step 2: Submit most recent Tax Return documentation
Step 3: Complete the attached Scholarship Application
Step 4: Attach most recent report cards of students
Step 5: Submit completed application with supporting documentation to the Principal, Mrs. Templeton by deadline.

Assistance will be based on financial need. No more than 50% of the tuition amount after FACTS, may be subsidized for each child applying for assistance.