About St. Joseph School

St. Joseph Catholic School was established in 1872.  In 1889, the new combination of Church and school was dedicated at the 13th street location.  Classes continued to be held in the sacristies of the Church until June 1909.  The new school was built and contained six classrooms and a basement.  In 1920, two additional rooms were added.  Throughout the years, additional classrooms were added.  In 2005, St. Joseph Grade School opened its doors to a new pre-school program, which was housed in the Parish Hall.  In 2006, a new pre-school facility was established in a property owned by the Church adjacent to the Parish Hall in order to accommodate an increase in enrollment.

In 2007, the pre-school developed a partnership with Cabell County to provide the school’s current and future families with a Pre-K 4-year old program.  In addition to this new program, the school opened its doors to a new nursery and toddler program for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 24 months.

In 2007, Bishop Bransfield approved the construction of a brand new school designed to hold students Pre-K through eighth grade.  In 2008, the doors to the new school building were opened to students, faculty and staff with an official ribbon cutting ceremony taking place in 2009.

Photo of new school ribbon cutting

The completion of the new school building has been one of St. Joseph’s most amazing accomplishments.  Combined with the leadership and vision of Monsignor Luciana, the Church and school community, we will continue to pray and work towards the success of the new school’s building campaign, “Building Our Future, United in Christ” for many years to come.

The new school building has been designed to meet the needs of a 21st Century learning environment.  Students enjoy larger classroom settings, a middle school regulation-sized gymnasium, a computer lab and media room, a Title 1 room and a science lab.  In addition to these facilities, St. Joseph Catholic School currently houses middle school grades 6th and 7th, with 8th grade students to join in the 2010-2011 school year.

Photo of new school building

photos of new rooms and gym

Mission Statement
The mission of St. Joseph Catholic School is to provide an opportunity for all students to develop a sense of God’s loving presence through academic excellence, Christian awareness and spiritual growth.

Community Involvement
We, at St. Joseph Catholic School, encourage high academic standards for all our students.  Our students also participate in the community outreach program.  Each class adopts a cause for the year to help the organization.  Middle School students also volunteer in the community for at least 10 hours per school year.

Christian Environment
Our school operates under the guidance of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, and works within the greater mission of the Diocese and the Catholic Church.  Our students attend weekly mass (subject to schedule conflicts) as well as an occasional penance service and Stations of the Cross during the Lenten season.  Each day’s class begins and ends with a prayer.  Our students are encouraged to develop a strong faith life.  Students of all faith traditions are enrolled at St. Joseph.

Academic Extras
There are many opportunities to increase learning through the school’s participation in art projects, Math Field Day, Spelling Bees and the annual Science or Social Studies Fair.